2018 Harvest fest CONTESTS

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Contest Details

  • Entry fee for each contest is $5 per entry and is due in cash when dropping off your entry. Contestants are not required to stay so long as all requested contact information is provided.

  • Pre-entry is preferable, but we will accept entries until 3:00pm Saturday, Oct. 6 

  • All entries must be checked in by 3:30pm on Saturday, Oct. 6

  • Any age can enter in any contest 

  • All categories will be divided into age groups, children ages 10 and under, children 11 and older and adults

  • Each contest will have a first, second and third place winner with the exception to the pie eating contest, there will be one winner per age group 

  • All winners will be awarded with a Farmers’ Market t-shirt and/or ribbon 

  • Individuals entering the best chili contest must provide a 3.5 to 4 quart crockpot of chili for sampling by market goers 

  • Individuals entering the best pie contest must provide TWO pies, one for display and one for sampling by our judges; pies must be either apple or peach and can not contain any store bought elements, all pies must be made FROM SCRATCH and contestants must provide a list of ingredients 

  • Individuals entering in the veggie art contest are required to create and display art work using only locally or homegrown produce and will be judged solely on creativity 

  • Pie eating contestants will be divided into the following age groups; 6 and under, 7-10 years, 11 and older and adults; each age group will be served an age appropriate sized pie or pie slice

  • Individuals entering into the biggest zucchini or ugliest tomato contest are only permitted to enter a tomato or zucchini that was personally grown, with information on how and where they grew it 

  • All proceeds from this event will be used to help cover the operating costs of the 2018 and 2019 Garrettsville Farmers’ Market 
    Please contact Sara Hill with any questions. Sara@cdcoffeeco.com | 330-977-1556